Mole of the Gods, LLC

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Our Menu
Our cooking is increidibly labor intensive with lots of real 'hands-on' in the preparation.  Using fresh and traditional ingredients, staying true to the highly respected craft.
Tres Soles Empanadas
appetizer comes with three empanadas of which are huitlacoche, zuchinni blossom and the poblanas
Shrimp with Salsa Mezcal
Diosa del Campo
Salsa Mezcal is not a mole but a salsa made with mezcal, maguey
Cream of Chapulines (grasshoppers) and mexcal soup
Diosa del Universo
Fried platains with a tequila sweet cream topped with broiled sesame seeds
5 Mole Sampler
Diosa del Tiempo
3, 4 or 5 Mole Sampler.  You may choose from any of our daily available 8 moles and 4 salsas to sample.  Comes with Nopaltilla, cactus tortillas
dessert: Pumpkin and Tecojotes in a piloncillo (brown sugar) and cinnamon sweet syrup